acupuncture treatment

Acupuncture Treatment Plans

While acupuncture treatment plans are individualised to the patient, the average number of acupuncture treatments for a range of conditions is listed below:

Acute Back Pain (ie recent or sudden onset back pain perhaps resulting from an injury)
3–4 treatments

Chronic Back Pain (ie persisting for weeks or months usually associated with underlying condition)
8–10 treatments

Chronic Pain or Injury
10–12 treatments + Chinese herbal medicine

Acute Pain
3–6 treatments

Digestive Disorders (including bloating and IBS symptoms)
6–8 treatments + Chinese herbal medicine

Migraine Headaches
8-10 treatments

Non-Migraine Headaches
4–6 treatments

8–10 treatments

8–10 treatments + Chinese herbal medicine

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
6 -10 treatments + Chinese herbal medicine
Then fortnightly treatment till stabilised.

Anxiety and Depression
8–10 treatments and Chinese herbal medicine

Menstrual Symptoms
8–10 treatments and Chinese herbal medicine

Menopausal Symptoms
8–10 treatments and Chinese herbal medicine

Fertility with IVF
4–6 treatments
Then treatment before and after implantation.

Normal Fertility
3–5 monthly treatments

Weekly treatments up to 20 weeks.
Then fortnightly treatment till labour.

Chinese herbal medicine prescribed for nausea, possible miscarriage or fatigue.

Cancer Support
Weekly treatments as required.

Weekly treatments as required.

6–8 treatments + Chinese Herbal medicine