acupuncture needles

Your Appointment: What to Expect

Your initial 50-minute appointment will involve a consultation and treatment. You’ll need to complete a form providing your medical and wellbeing history, including medications and conditions – how long you’ve had them, what you’ve done to treat them, whether any treatments have been effective, and so on.

You’ll need to wear loose clothing and remove your shoes and socks so that Victor can take a pulse diagnosis. He will assess the energetic quality of the pulses. Then you’ll be asked to stick out your tongue for a tongue coat diagnosis and he might also palpate your abdomen.

Pulse and tongue diagnoses are important in traditional Chinese acupuncture, as is observation.

Victor will talk to you about your symptoms and your lifestyle, and while he’s talking to you he’ll be studying you carefully for any signs that may indicate any underlying conditions.

Victor has been practicing acupuncture since 1986. He draws on more than 30 years of personal experience, and 2000 years of traditional Chinese medicine, and observation of the body to determine where to place the acupuncture needles and to develop a treatment plan for your individual condition. He may incorporate other techniques into your treatment, like massage, cupping, laser therapy or electro stimulation.

Victor will place acupuncture needles in places specifically for your condition. The needles are very fine, filament-like needles. When he places the needles, he may ask you how you are feeling. The number of needles can vary. The needles are usually left in the acupuncture points for 25-30 minutes.

Depending on the treatment plan, Victor will schedule a number of treatments. After three to six treatments, he will do a reassessment. Some people might require a fortnightly review, some a monthly review. The treatment plan is individualised. When the treatment is completed, Victor will recommend a monthly check up and treatment to maintain the benefits and to maintain optimal health.