Chinese Herbal Medicine

chinese herbsA powerful synergistic effect may occur when acupuncture is applied in combination with traditional Chinese herbal medicine resulting in a better outcome, especially with long-term chronic illnesses.

The practice of Chinese herbal medicine stretches back thousands of years and embraces all aspects of nature including seasons and weather, and medicinals from earth, sea, plant and animal. No endangered animals are used in Chinese herbal medicine in Australia.

Contemporary Chinese herbal medicine represents the cumulative clinical experience and time-tested theories practiced by traditional Chinese doctors. It is the world’s oldest most comprehensive system of medicine dating back more than 2000 years, and devised during actual plagues and outbreaks of disease.

In determining the nature and possible cause of a patient’s energy imbalances, the practitioner will weigh up such factors as weather, season, work or home environment, and presenting symptoms being chronic or acute. The practitioner will look at the patient’s unique conditions and match these to an appropriate herbal prescription that, along with lifestyle advice, may assist the patient in regaining good health.

A consultation with a Chinese Medicine herbalist will include a full examination with traditional pulse diagnosis, abdominal palpitation, tongue coating observation, and a detailed interview and questionnaire.

Chinese Medicine treats the root cause of an imbalance or disharmony, not merely its symptoms.

When prescribed and administered by a registered practitioner trained in Chinese Herbal Medicine, good results may be achieved in the treatment of various health issues.